Ken Abrams reviews "Walks of Life Collaborations"

The Same Thing Project, has released its first album, “Walks of Life.” This unique songwriting collaborative is comprised of people from all walks of life, including many with intellectual challenges. The result is an album that is both moving and inspiring, a heartwarming exercise in humanity. And it rocks!
The release features superb musicianship, with more than a few killer guitar solos certain to kick out anyone’s jams. It rocks like an early 70’s Stones album, warts and all. Behind the inspired leadership of RI-based singer-songwriter Mark Cutler who leads the Project, every song is special. 
(A few prominent examples… The opener “Common Ground” offers a compelling message of hope and opportunity. “Mama’s Blueberry Pie” turns into a slightly drunken sing-along whereas the jingle jangle hook-laden “Better Days” drives down a happy road. “Better days are coming, amen to that/Skies will still be blue and we’re never turning back.”)
The supporting cast - including many performers with special needs - displays soul and courage. This isn’t just a rock star inviting someone up on stage to join in a song, it’s a grand collaborative endeavor. As cliché as it may sound, it shows that anything is possible. Wanna have some fun? Give it a listen!