All songs written by:

Victor Amaral, Edward Bellaire, Guy Benoit, Brian Camerlin, Gayle Carter, Paula Claire Ciminero, Joe Cournoyer, Kelly Cutler, Mark Cutler, Joan d’Arc, Mark Deland, Richard Donnelly, Michael Eddy, Amy Ethier, Pierre Fortin, Debra Elizabeth Going, John Grande, Matthew Grande, Maria Salamano Isaacson, Jessica Katherine, Marilyn Keller, Bill Keough, Bob Kerr, Mike Kroian, Anne Landis, Paul Langcowski, Debra Lilli, Michelle Mania, Doug McClellan, Mark McIntyre, Tanya Mcintyre, Ray Memery, Maegen Miller, Sophie Miller, Kellan Moran, Michael Moulton, Juditta Musette, Kyle O’Keefe, Kerry Anne Theresa O’Rourke, Daniel Parant, Claire Patterson, Chris Payne, Joe Potenza, Richard Reed, William Rega, Brian Ricci, Derek Rossi, Carleen Roberts Sauvegeau, Josh Schumann, Samantha Smalley, Eric Smith, William Smyth, Pam Steager, Howard Stone, Marika Stone, Jim Tieso, Emerson Torrey, Kelly Walsh

Special Thanks to:

Ray Memery - Avatar Residential, Elaine Yeaw - The Artists Exchange, Deb Kney - Advocates in Action, Patrick Norton - Narrows Center for the Arts, People Inc., Jim Tieso, Anne Landis , Jeanne Amadon (RIP)

Recorded at The Artists Exchange and Revmok Studios

Produced and Engineered by Mark Cutler

Mastered at Satellite Studios by Emerson Torrey

Cover design by Rick Couto, Orange Dot Design

Rick Couto, drums on Common Ground, Music of the Night, Dream and Ebb and Flow

Mike Kroian, drums and bass on Scary Love

Tai Kwan, guitar on Scary Love 

Copyright 2019 | Published by Same Thing Music | 75orLess Records, Warren, RI