Mark Cutler

Mark Cutler, director of The Same Thing Project is a singer/songwriter who resides in the state of R.I. Rockers, cowpokes and punks have covered his songs. In the days before corporate playlists, Mark’s meticulously crafted, heartfelt rock, pop and alt-country songs gained heavy rotation throughout the Northeast. Mark was inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

Mark continues to add unique entries to the great American songbook and leads a variety of roots-rock bands, combines powerful lyrics with memorable melodies and driving rhythm and  is working on his next release. He also conducts various songwriting workshops with folks from all walks of life, from the banker to the bricklayer to the musician who is looking for another set of ears.  He also holds songwriting workshops and collaborates with people who have various developmental challenges.  Mark has performed for dozens of charities over the decades. He and his band mates have helped raise money for the homeless, the hungry, the sick and for folks who just need a hand.

He spins tales about men who drink alone or hover over a lover. He sings stories about ghosts, pro wrestlers, walking in the woods, walking in the night, being remembered, just being alive and getting used to this.  

Like the character Travis Bickle, Mark will “play anytime and anywhere” and sometimes he’ll show up alone with his guitar and sing for you whether you like it or not.